From Seed

To success

Defining a brand or product's value proposition is fundamental to the process of orchestrating a profitable growth strategy. Too often brand owners and managers design a marketing and advertising strategy developed in their desire for the value proposition rather the consumer’s actual needs or purchase intent.

LAO Strategy helps challenger brands determine and leverage their value proposition by unlocking the value that derives from consumers finding the brand rather the brand seeking out and paying for consumers.

With a properly defined and meaningful value proposition, LAO Strategy enables brands to leverage their opportunity in the marketplace. It is imperative to identify target consumers and focus time and money in marketing and advertising mixes that generate positive return on investment. Finding increasingly fragmented audiences through targeted digital advertising is enormously valuable only when the value proposition creates purchase intent.


Once a brand can generate purchase intent through its value proposition, LAO Strategy directs brands to expand its consumer audiences through strategic marketing campaigns and selective retargeting opportunities. By increasing investment into defined awareness-building activities that capture consumers farther down the sales funnel, our brand partners accelerate profitable sales growth.


As businesses and brands expand product offerings, sales channels, customers and consumers, LAO Strategy directs the marketing and advertising mix to support sustained, profitable areas of focused investment. There are inherent challenges associated with new marketing and sales opportunities; they do not create revenue, profit and value equally. LAO Strategy enables challenger brands to overcome resource constraints to optimize new opportunities mindful of immediate revenue and profitability goals.


An integrated strategy is more critical at this stage than any other. LAO specializes in scalable growth strategies that advance CPG brands.


Mark Eisenacher
Joey Brennan